As the Latin proverb says,
“He makes his home where the living is best”.
So decorating your home is especially important.

When it comes to interior design, we believe creating a space that feels personal is the key to a satisfied customer. In the same way that each of us dresses differently, every individual embraces a unique style. Your home should reflect your unique style. 

This our philosophy at Dunne and Nugent, we aim to create a space personal to you.

We have a highly experienced team of design consultants available to you in our showroom daily. Alternatively, we will do a home consultation to better understand exactly what it is you require to create your dream space. From the initial consultation to the final fit-out, we have all the expertise needed to leave your home beautiful.

“Let us beautify your home”

Interior Designers are part of our team, in our showroom daily, to help you beautify your home. ( This is a free service)

For Interior Designers

A Special invitation.
We welcome and invite you to use our showrooms with or without your clients and if necessary we can arrange private appointments. We have a very professional and successful relationship with the designers we already work with and promise you professional satisfaction, with our every care and attention.